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    Don’t let the evil draw you in. You’ve got this!

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    I am a secret compulsive gambler who has finally admitted to my partner that I have a problem. I was backed into this corner by the company I work for as I stole money to bankroll my addiction and was found out. Luckily my boss was a very good friend of ours so he agreed that I could repay the money and not involve the police, however I have lost…[Read more]

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      Hello SCD (Suzy)

      Yes, I had a similar problem and why this is such a cunning and progressive addiction. All the lies, the habits, and poor behaviors we turn to as having money to feed this illness. I did also steal and the person I stole from didn’t want to press charges but the district attorney decided to take over her case and I was…[Read more]

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      There is always hope. I can only imagine your shame and hurt. I have been in a dark place. And it is a dark place. But I can promise you that life will get better. Stick with the recovery and pray. God is listening and now that you have been found out it is the perfect place to start. No more lies and the repayment will give you strength. I am…[Read more]